5 Reasons

December 15, 2016


1. Design 

You won't have to worry about seeing yourself coming and going.  Our jewelry is designed in our studio with you in mind. We understand that you want to look and feel truly unique (trends just aren't your thing) and d. Marlene jewelry highlights your authentic self.

2. The Process
So much inspiration goes into every piece of d. Marlene jewelry. There is a significant time investment for each piece during production, so I get to know every piece intimately. I often pray during the making process - over the piece during soldering with fire, for the ultimate wearer, as well as for personal inspiration. It's the lifeblood of what I do.

3. Craftsmanship 

No skin reactions allowed! Unlike mass produced jewelry, d. Marlene jewelry is handcrafted with higher quality metals which means higher quality jewelry. Each piece requires a significant time investment in production. 

4. Cost Per Wear
Quality over quantity! Consider the cost per wear for your purchases. You may buy something for yourself or someone else that will be worn only once for $30. But when considering cost per wear, you could purchase our Colonnade Cuff for example (which I personally wear everyday) for $170 and if worn just once a week the cost per wear is a little over $3!

5. Personalized Service
It's all about Connection. Not only does shopping small improve the local economy and keep the community unique, but you have the opportunity to personally know the person behind the product (as well as the person behind the jewelry bench) and receive personalized service! I love hearing your stories of why our jewelry is meaningful to you and how you wear
d. Marlene jewelry every day! ♥︎