A Ring, a Key, and a New Beginning

He came back to the store for the 5.5 carat faceted London Blue Topaz ring. They had been in together over the weekend and she was drawn to the London Blue straight away. He just had back surgery, so he sat in the "man chair" while she perused the gems. My vintage train case caught his eye. He had been a regional sales manager for Samsonite at one time and my case, he surmised, was circa 1950 and sold in Saks or Neiman Marcus. I told them how disappointed I was that it didn't come with a key. "Here's a secret - one size fits all," he said - and she was sure they could find one laying around. 

I gift wrapped the ring and handed the bag over. It's for her birthday, August 6. He was early.

"We're both widowed. I've known her a year. My wife died 3 years ago. We would have been married 53 years. I always planned to take her to Hawaii. But I was too wrapped up in work and she was dying our 50th year and I missed it."

Grief comes with every loss and I had a similar feeling of time squandered when I was diagnosed with cancer. It was the feeling that I hadn't really ever lived.

So tonight I'm praying for Bill, praising the God of Second Chances and thanking Him for new beginnings.

Bill smiled as he turned to go. "I'll bring you that key when I find it." And I believe he really will.