A Tale of Dragons, Fire + Intention

June 27, 2018

A Tale of Dragons, Fire + Intention
For my sisters in the midst of or coming through the battle,
and for anyone with a heart


Intention: noun | in•ten•tion | in-ten(t)-shun | the healing process of a wound.
(Merriam-Webster Medical)


About mid-way through 6 weeks of radiation treatments, I had thoughts of “what now?” How does one come through the hellish spin cycle of stage IIIc breast cancer then turn the dial back to normal with grace and dignity? (I’m lookin’ at YOU red devil chemotherapy and YOU tissue expanders from the pit!) During treatment I’d been out of the studio for most of the year avoiding chemicals found in every metalsmith’s lair and to be honest, wasn’t quite intent on re-entering. Smithing requires precision and accuracy. What if I’d lost it? Had the red devil killed off all my “maker” cells? Weighted down with the lie of loss, I didn’t want to face another dragon. So many dragons to face - so much fire. But smithing fire is different. It’s always been more than just making for me. It’s a time of prayer, lifting the recipient and wearer up to God, bringing heaven down. The thought of facing yet another unknown dragon was daunting, but to wield the fire of reflection and deep connection? That I could do. So I entered the lair with the intention of connection and blessing. God was there waiting. The result was new and good. I entered, created, and gave — 3 gemstone rings, to 3 beautiful people who had poured into me throughout the year with hearts full of compassion and the love of Jesus in their eyes.

Not long after that, I approached a gallery I had wanted placement in for sometime (God was waiting there too...they said yes) and on the same day visited a sweet boutique just down the street from the gallery that a friend had turned me on to. The owner was beautiful and kind and we became fast friends. We shared stories — hers of God’s provision in getting them to the area from a far away place and of her long held God given dream of a sweet boutique becoming reality, and mine — of God walking me through the fire and all I had been through the last year and of my long held God given dream of a studio space. “This is all coming together now,” she said. “Last night I had a vision of a woman dressed in full armor bowing down before the Lord, sword drawn. That warrior woman was you. The battle is over.” That’s when I saw Him again and it stuck with me. You may not see the sword in this image, but it’s there in my heart - holding ground and fighting for the creator God made me to be. It’s unsheathed when I light up a torch and put flame to metal. It shows itself when I pray healing over women I meet in my studio space facing dragons of their own. And if you look into me deep, you’ll find Him there looking back at you waiting with intention — waiting for your warrior inside to stick.🔥🗡