Go-To Look: Casual Brunch

January 12, 2017

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My husband and I have had a long standing tradition of going to brunch every Saturday since I can remember (this past December marked 18 years of marriage!) We've had various eateries we've enjoyed throughout the years, but when we find something we really like, we tend to become "regulars" quite quickly and make it a weekly occurrence to satisfy our cravings. More often than not, the same is true of my weekend wardrobe! Call me a creature of habit and comfort, but if you happen to see me enjoying a Farmhouse Skillet Hash on Saturday I'll undoubtedly be wearing my favorite grey pullover. My Mirabel East/West Pendant, Colonnade Cuff and Mirabel Ring are my most loved everyday go-to jewelry pieces of late. And why not? They transition easily from day to evening, no questions asked!