There's something about jewelry that brings people together.


That's one of the reasons I was drawn to becoming a jewelry designer. In its own way, jewelry speaks. It takes us back to special moments and seasons, and serves as a symbol of hope for the future. It reminds us of where we've been and where we'd like to be again. It tells the world who we are in an expression of beauty and clues people in to our personal style.
It helps us feel understood.


You want to feel unique and well put together---confident in who you are and how you present yourself to the world. But you're disappointed with the jewelry options available and wouldn't describe yourself as trendy. Trends just don't speak to you and your classic sense of style.


You want timeless jewelry pieces that you can wear everyday and that genuinely complement you and the beautiful life you want to live.


What you crave is designer jewelry. That's where I come in.
Thanks for being here. I think this might be the start of a beautiful friendship.


d. Marlene jewelry is a Middle Tennessee-based jewelry brand established in 2009. Behind each piece of d. Marlene jewelry is the relationship between CLASSIC SOPHISTICATION + MODERN SENSIBILITY. Hand-originated from concept through production using time-honored metalsmithing techniques, d. Marlene jewelry collections contain classic pieces + are never void of details that push the envelope. Always in search of the original hidden gems in life, the d. Marlene woman desires a sophisticated aesthetic with modern appeal, for which the brand has developed a loyal following.