Put your jewelry on last thing after your morning routine (so after you’ve showered, put on lotion, hairspray, cologne and any other products that might contain harmful chemicals.) Always remove your jewelry before swimming to avoid contact with chlorine.



When oxygen comes into contact with silver, it bonds to the surface and causes tarnish. Storing your jewelry out of the open air keeps it dust free and greatly reduces the need for cleaning due to the oxidation process. Each piece of d. Marlene jewelry comes with a specially treated flannel pouch perfect for storing your jewelry and helping to prevent tarnish. It’s wise to store softer gems like pearls and opals separately from other pieces to prevent scratches + damage.



Start with a bowl of fresh water and add a few drops of Dawn diswashing liquid. Add your gold jewelry and let it soak for a few minutes. Remove any visible residue using a soft brush (a new toothbrush works really well.) Rinse in clean warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.This method can also be used with sterling silver jewelry, but if the tarnish is severe you’ll need to also polish the piece. Sterling silver scratches easily, so use a lint-free flannel or microfiber cloth and polish in the same direction as the grain of the silver. You may use a Q-tip if there are small areas that need to be detailed. Special silver polishing cloths also work quite well, just remember to change sections of the cloth periodically to prevent tarnish from being deposited back onto your silver. For pieces that are difficult to polish with a cloth (some chains for example) use a commercial silver dip. Just dip the silver only, avoiding any gemstones or pearls! Then rinse with clean warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Use silver dips sparingly, as they can break down the surface and remove any patina or any special finishes. You can find the one shown here at the jewelry counter of most major retail chains. Pearls are quite porous and will absorb anything that touches them. They should be wiped with a damp cloth after wearing. Never use a jewelry cleaner on pearls, as it permanently damages the luster and finish. (Side note: Pearls should be restrung on new silk every 3-5 years depending on how often you wear them.)



And finally for a beautiful mirror finish, spray a bit of Razzle Dazzle jewelry + glass cleaner (www.rdazzle.com) on your piece. Rinse with water then pat dry. It’s safe for all gems and really provides a gorgeous shine!